Ms Park

A harrowing story, growing and changing as it went public. Ms Park is derived from a female North Korean defector who has become famous for sharing her past to Western audience. She has been challenged for dramatising events with the inconsistencies between her statements. Critical responses have assigned labels to her, shrouding the girl in mystery. Meanwhile, Pyongyang, a group of gun instructors — female, young and photogenic — are pointed by cameras in a tourism shooting range.


Extracted from public speeches and interviews, Park’s own words are re-enacted as monologue with references noted at the top side of the video. The subject ‘I’ is changed to the third person pronoun while the exact words are being re-spoken. Driven by mass media, the complex identity of celebrity defectors has been extensively rendered into consumable messages. These messages, affective, uncertain and paradoxical, intrigue me to build the peculiar dimension.